National Martial Arts Committee India is a non profit, non-government organizations, Its registered under Trust Act of Government of India and affiliated to Asian Martial Arts Games Committee & World Martial Arts Games Committee, WMAGC Proud Member of Tafisa, Tafisa Recognized by International Olympic Committe

NMAC India is Proud Member of NCSPE - National Council of Sports Science and Physical Education

NMAC India is Approved as NSF by ANSF -The Association for National Sports Federations.

AMAGC Board of Directors

Master Bk Bharat

President and Executive Director 

Master Nasrollah Kakavand

National Director of Iran

Md. Humayun Kabir

National Director of Bangladesh 



Additional Information


The World Martial Arts Games Committee was founded in 2005 by both Freddy Kleinschwärzer (GER) and Ken Marchtaler (CAN).

The intention is to provide a platform that promotes participation in Martial arts by all, including all Styles, Abilities, Gender, Ages and Backgrounds.

The organisation is directed and managed by a committee of international representatives from across the globe from a diverse range of martial art styles and backgrounds (please see the Organisation page).  The events organised by the WMAGC are intentionally and purposefully inclusive of both male and female participants of all ages and abilities and from all backgrounds.

To uphold and deliver these principles of inclusivity, the WMAGC continually strives to build and develop an international collaborative network, creating cooperative working relationships and practices, where knowledge, experience and opportunities can be shared with Martial Arts organisations across the globe.

The umbrella term of “Martial Arts” is intentional to ensure the diverse range of martial art styles practiced across the globe and at local level are included. The WMAGC aims to be inclusive of the variations in martial arts to ensure that the repertoire of different styles facilitates participation by all, whilst also bringing together the martial arts community to generate international, collaborative relationships.

Participation in the WMAGC events does not exclude anyone based on their gender, background, experiences, ability, opportunities, language, ethnicity, culture or beliefs. Instead it strives to ensure anyone with an interest in Martial Arts gets the opportunity to participate either as a competitor or as part of the event team.

Scrolling down will reveal a brief synopsis of all the International Events from when the WMAGC was founded in 2005.

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